Georgia Historic Courthouse Tour along Hwy 27

Talbot County Courthouse Talbotton Georgia
Talbot County Courthouse
Talbotton Georgia

Talbot County Courthouse  Georgia

Talbot County Courthouse
The Talbot structure stands on the site of an earlier courthouse constructed in 1831, just a few years after the county was formed. According to local history, on the afternoon of Friday, February 12, 1892, someone saw fire and smoke on the courthouse roof and called for help. Citizens quickly formed a bucket brigade, passing water upstairs as fast as they could while others went to look for a ladder. Because none could be found anywhere in town, the fire was soon out of control and the courthouse was lost. Amazingly, all of the courthouse records were saved. While the flames spread, Talbottonians raced to collect important documents and tossed them outside. "Even the large safe in Captain Leonard's office was rolled to the door, and thrown into the yard with little damage." reported an observer.
Talbot County Chamber of Commerce
P.O. Box 98
Talbotton, Georgia 31827
(706) 665-8079

From U.S. 27 Alternate at Warm Springs,
take Ga. 41 to Manchester and Talbotton.
The courthouse is in the center of Talbotton.
Return to 27 Alternate via Ga. 208 or 315.

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